Extra special thank you gifts

Sometimes a thank you note just isn’t enough to express how grateful you are. If someone has gone out of their way to give you a helping hand, repay them with something a little out of the ordinary and incredibly personal.    

Bespoke Blooms 

There is nothing quite as delightful as being surprised by a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. At Bloom Magic, the bouquets in question are individually hand crafted and tied. This personal approach means the flowers are at their freshest and looking their best. The expert florists get to work only when your order has been placed so they can choose from the best seasonal and exotic flowers.  With next day delivery and same day delivery in London, sending thank you flowers has never been easier or quicker! Don’t forget to add a meaningful message so your recipient will know who they are from. 

Something for the kitchen  

If you are struggling with what to get someone as a thank you gift, take a look at what they enjoy doing. If the kitchen is one of their happy places, why not consider a one of a kind item they can use all the time? 

An engraved chopping board makes for a fantastic gift. A bamboo version is a great option for both modern and more rustic looking kitchens. You could also consider a glass cutting board for a super chic design.  

Personalised cooking utensils are another great option for master chefs. The benefit of a gift like this is that they are used on an almost daily basis. Your giftee will be reminded of their good deed, and how thankful you areon a regular basis.       

When food is life 

Continuing on the culinary theme, if yow want to thank a self-confessed foodie with a bespoke gift, a hamper could be the perfect option. Show them you care by handpicking out items that you know they love.  

If you find that thought a little intimidating, we suggest starting with a theme. It they are keen bakers pack your hamper with ingredients, decorating extras and perhaps even your great, great grandmatop secret cookie recipe!  

If you both enjoy a cocktail or two, put together a mini bar for your next catch up. Get a bottle of their favourite tipple inscribed with a personal message. If you are of the botanical bent, try your hand at some homemade syrups and bitters to make it an extra thoughtful gift.   

Artistic endeavours  

If you really want to push the boat out with a one of a kind thank you gift, why not commission something extra special.  

While full on, traditional portrait sessions are always an option but they are by no means the only one! Papercuts are a gorgeous art form that can be completely tailored to your requests. Usually displayed in frames, they are hand cut by artist who are experts at creating intricate designs. Get creative or let the artist work their magic on an idea you have to thank someone for a job especially well done.   

Say it with photos 

If you are thanking someone for helping out at an event like a wedding or birthday party, a special image of the big day is a perfect way to show your gratitude.  A photo book filled with images that they helped orchestrate and jam packed with captions about how they made the day go smoothly will be a gift that they treasure forever.  

However you decide to say thank you, give the generic gifts you could pick up anywhere a miss. Give your thank you an extra special dimension by making it unique, bespoke and perfectly fitting. 

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