Your wedding is your day, and you deserve all the limelight. It is entirely justified for you to be so caught up in your zone that you seldom give attention to others around you. But there is a team who deserves some appreciation from you, a gift to make them smile.

Your go-to girls, the bridesmaids, they have been listening to you talk about your wedding, been there for you when you thought it was the end, held your hands through thick and thin for weeks and maybe even months

You will be a bride only once, but they can be bridesmaids to other brides as well. Give them unforgettable gifts to remember, to look back at your wedding as the most memorable one they ever had.

Need some ideas for unique gifts for your bridesmaids? Read on for enlightenment.

  1. BRACELETS: Any girl would be ecstatic to get an ornamental gift, anytime. Gold bracelets with their names inscribed, along with a cute message will make the gift thoughtful and personal.
  2. PERFUME SET: A set of all the best scents will create an aromatic memory of your gift. A box of their favourite perfume, a shower gel, soap, and body milk, is what one would call a luxurious gift.
  3. SPA TREATMENT: Gift them gift cards to relax, unwind and be thoroughly pampered. They will appreciate the fact that you care for their wellness.
  4. SILK PYJAMA SET: Send them a memory of all the sleepovers you had; pillow fights, gossips, watching movies and crying together.
  5. MONOGRAM ROBE: Get them a floral or plain kimono robe, finished with a personalised monogram.
  6. JEWELLERY BOX: Your girls should have the prettiest boxes to keep their lovely collection of bling. A vintage-inspired box will be perfect for keeping the jewellery they wore at your wedding.
  7. INITIAL NECKLACE: Another addition to their trinkets that they wouldn’t complain about having is a necklace with their initials on it. They can wear it in a casual tee shirt as well as in formals too.
  8. THROW BLANKETS: Add a collection to adorn their homes with a cosy throw blanket with bridesmaid initials.
  9. TIMEPIECE: A watch is a valuable keepsake to give your bridesmaid as a thank-you. Have it engraved with a nice individual message for each of them.
  10. QUIRKY CLUTCH BAGS: Wrap a uniquely designed clutch bag for them to remind them of your weird, unique and forever friendship.
  11. SKIN-CARE SET: A complete skincare kit as a gift will be a gesture to show them you care. They can use this skin care regime for special occasions and always remain photo-ready.
  12. CUTE UMBRELLAS: Give them something to combat the rainy season with a cute umbrella designed in your wedding theme to make them remember you fondly.
  13. THERMAL COFFEE MUGS: Get a thermal flask for your coffee lover friend to keep it handy anytime she craves for coffee.
  14. DIY GIFTS: If you are gifted to make beautiful pieces out of nature, you can give your girls the most personalised gifts. From spa kit and make-up bags to statement necklaces or even a cute pair of pom-pom gloves, your heart will be felt as they unwrap their gift box.

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